Professor Fizzwizzle for Windows 10


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Play Professor Fizzwizzle is a perfect combination of platforming and puzzle game, although it must be admitted that the latter species prevails. It all started with the fact that the main character - a brilliant scientist - fallible change the settings of your robot by what has become aggressive. The main task is not to fight with the robot as if you can guess. The professor must first get to his laboratory, and this task should not be the simplest. Before the scientist because hundreds of boards with varying degrees of difficulty! At each stage was put at the disposal of various items (barrels, boxes, etc.), without which the transition level would not be possible. Sometimes you really come a moment nagłówkować, of course, talking about the later stages because the initial should not make any major problems. A multitude of levels and original idea will provide fun for hours. Binding of music - visual is of high quality as the game of this type. Theme music is not strenuous, it seems just so it should be. An interesting feature is the ability to download additional levels from the manufacturer. Puzzle recommendable.    Minimum requirements:  Processor: 200 MHz  RAM: 64 MB  Graphics card: No data  Free hard disk space: 18 MB  Sound Card: No data